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Switch to a custom "New-Tab"-Page in Microsoft Edge

Follow these steps to set your custom Frontpage (or any other URL) as the default "New-Tab"-Page in your Microsoft Edge Browser:

1. Install the "Custom New Tab URL" Extension

There are several different free Extensions which do the same thing. We like this free one and will show you how to use this one. If you choose a different one the steps may be a bit different.
First of all you need to install the extension by opening Microsoft Edge and navigating to this page on the Microsoft Edge-Add-Ons directory. Once you clicked on "Install", the Extension will be added to your Edge browser.
In some cases you get a small notification in the top-right corner telling you that the extension has been disabled for safety reasons because it can change your New-Tab page. If you get this notification, you have to open the Edge-menu (by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner) and clicking on "Extensions". Here you will see an entry saying "Custom New Tab URL". Click on the gray toggle on the right side to enable it.

2. Configure the Extension

The first time you open up a new Browser Tab and you'll see a "Custom New Tab URL" Configuration page.
No, all you have to do is to enter the URL of your Frontpage, e.g. "" and press "Save" and you are ready to go!
Now open up a new tab again and you should see your custom Frontpage!
Whenever you open up a new tab in Microsoft Edge from now on, you will be greeted with your custom Frontpage! Awesome!

Additional infos

Please note that we did not develop this Extension. We aren't liable for anything the Extension does.
If this particular Extension does not work with your version of Edge, check out the Microsoft Edge-Add-Ons directory to find alternative Extension which do the same thing.
If you wish to reverse those changes and want to see your default Edge "New-Tab"-Page again, open the Edge menu (by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner), Extensions and press "Remove" below the "Custom New Tab URL" Extension.