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Your personal frontpage of the internet

Create your own New-Tab page for your Browser without any code

By tibush labs

We all love customization. And we love productivity. And the internet. And speed.

That's why we're currently working on myFrontpage, a radically new take at browser "New Tab" pages.

Use myFrontpage to create your own "New Tab" page for your browser featuring the time, your favourite websites for quick access, a search bar (with a variety of search engines), the weather, and so much more. Or you keep it simple with just the time. Or a picture of your cat. It's up to you. The page-editor is intuitive and simple.

Share your page with the world. Let others clone your page or keep it private.

myFrontpage is soon coming to a browser near you. Until then, follow us on Twitter for updates and reserve your username below. Cheers!

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